Barents Naturgass

Barents NaturGass A.S. has offices in Hammerfest (Norway), Gothenburg (Sweden) and Lulea (Sweden). The company is one of the leading LNG distributors in Scandinavia. In January 2015, Broadview Energy Solutions acquired 100% of the shares in the company.

Norwegian LNG market

Norway has significant natural gas production. However, nearly all of the natural gas produced is exported for consumption elsewhere in Europe, as there is almost no domestic natural gas transmission and distribution grid.

Norway is the only country in Europe with sizable LNG liquefaction facilities. The largest LNG plant is located at Melkoya island near Hammerfest., but other smaller facilities can be found in Risavika and Kollsness. The combined annual production capacity of these plants amounts to roughly 4,5-5,0 million ton or roughly 70 TWh of LNG per year. Like pipeline gas, the majority of domestically produced LNG is exported.

However, the local availability of LNG and the political support (e.g. NOx fund) have been instrumental in the development of a small scale LNG market. As a result, LNG nowadays is a widely accepted maritime fuel. Actually, Norway is home to the largest fleet of LNG powered vessels globally. Moreover, LNG is also used by local industry as an alternative for fuel oil, gas oil and LPG.

Also in the rest of Scandinavia the small scale LNG market is growing rapidly, especially in Sweden and more recently Finland. The availability of Norwegian LNG has been and still is instrumental for this growth although alternative supplies are becoming available.

Barents Naturgass LNG

Barents Naturgass LNG has been incorporated in 2005 with the support of local energy utilities and development funds. Thereafter, the company has developed into a trustworthy and leading LNG supplier in Northern Scandinavia with industrial customers in Norway and Sweden. Moreover, the company is a leading supplier of LNG to the maritime sector. It operates one of the largest LNG bunker terminals in Europe, the Polarbase LNG terminal.