In most European countries small scale LNG distribution is still in its infancy, but developing rapidly. Key markets for distributed LNG in Europe are ship bunkering, off-grid industry, remote power generation and road transportation.

Small scale LNG infrastructure

LNG is primarily sourced at large scale LNG import terminals. The LNG is loaded at the terminal in LNG trailers or in cryogenic tank containers. The number of LNG import terminals in Europe with truck‑loading facilities is still growing. Historically, all LNG truck loading facilities were found in Spain and Portugal. As a consequence, a significant LNG distribution has been developed in those countries.

Over the last few years publicly accessible LNG truck loading facilities have also opened throughout Europe, for example Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Scandinavia and the UK currently all have loading facilities. As a result, the number of truck loadings in these countries has increased rapidly over the last years. In parallel, the number of options for break bulk ship loading and ship bunkering is also increasing.

European LNG distributor

We are active in LNG/LBG distribution in multiple countries. We serve customers in Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland and South Africa. Moreover, our group serves industrial customers in many different sectors, including for instance food production (dairy, meat, fish, breweries), packaging industry, metals and mining.

LNG storage and regasification

The in-house engineering departments of Aritas and Barents Naturgass have designed and installed multiple LNG storage and regas installations. Together, BES, CCS and Barents manage and supply industrial sites from as far North as the polar circle to as far South as Cape Town, South Africa.