New CEO Aritas

published on: 25 August 2021

Appointment of Mesut Sancaklı as new CEO of Aritas Cryogenics

Broadview Energy Solutions B.V. (“Broadview”), the sole shareholder of Aritas Cryogenics, is excited to announce the appointment of Mesut Sancaklı as the new CEO of Aritas Cryogenics (“Aritas”).

Broadview acquired Aritas in July 2019 with the strategy to develop Aritas into a leading manufacturer of cryogenic equipment for the global industrial gas and the growing small-scale LNG markets.

Since the acquisition significant steps have been made already. Whilst continuing its activities in the global industrial gas market, Aritas has made the first deliveries of its newly designed LNG trailers to customers in Greece and the UK, delivered the first LNG storage tanks for fuel stations in the fast-growing German market for HDVs and signed large new orders for the production of LNG fuel tanks for the marine sector.

As the Board of Directors, we strongly believe that under its new leadership Arıtas will continue to grow in the global industrial gas and the fast-growing LNG markets in accordance with our aim to ensure growth occurs in a controlled and sustainable way.

Mesut will continue the implementation of the growth strategy with a wealth of experience in international business and manufacturing.

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