Trailer Lease

We are leasing cryogenic trailers manufactured by Aritas Cryogenics via CCS or third party transport companies. These trailers are suitable for the transport and storage of cryogenic liquids like Natural Gas, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon. The operating temperature can vary between -196 and +20 degrees Celsius. The trailers are optimized for either 40 or 44 ton road limitations.  The maximum allowable working pressure is 3 or 6 barg.

To enable safe operation at such low temperatures, the inner vessel is made of stainless steel. The trailer is designed and manufactured in accordance to the international rules and regulations and an internationally accepted design code. The space between inner and outer vessel contains of a vacuum and multi-layer super insulation. Therefore maximum insulating properties are guaranteed.


The general specifications of our containers are summarized in the table below. The trailers are designed, produced and certified to allow compliant operations in Europe.

LNG Semi Trailer Specifications

More info can be found in the Aritas Cryogenics – Datasheet – LNG.

For further questions regarding our trailer lease please contact us directly.