About us

Broadview Energy Solutions B.V. (Broadview)  holds a portfolio of gas technology and distribution companies, consisting of Aritas CryogenicsBarents Naturgass,   Cryogenic Container Solutions and DMT Environmental Technology.

Cleaner Fuels

Our companies provide equipment and services for the transition to cleaner fuels.

This enables clients in off-grid industry, heavy duty trucking and shipping to use LNG or bio-LNG as a cleaner alternative to fuel oil and gasoil. The transition to LNG lowers emissions while saving fuel costs.

LNG distribution

We supply LNG to off-grid industry, remote power generation, marine fuel and truck fueling. Broadview and its partners offer LNG sourcing, transport, storage and regasification services both separately as well as an integral solution.

Gas Equipment

Broadview and its partners design, manufacture, install and service equipment for the gas industry.

Aritas Cryogenics designs and manufactures cryogenic equipment used for LIN/LOX/LAR and LNG applications. Aritas has recently opened a large new manufacturing facility in Bandirma, Turkey, to meet the growing demand for cryogenic equipment.

DMT Environmental Technology is a supplier of biogas upgrade facilities for the European and North American markets, including maintenance and operational services.

Equipment Leasing

Broadview leases gas equipment.

Cryogenic Container Solutions B.V. has a large fleet of 40ft cryogenic ISO containers, trailers and vaporizer skids. The cryogenic containers are suitable for transport and storage of cryogenic liquids such as liquid natural gas (LNG), ethylene (LEG), nitrogen (LIN), oxygen (LOX) and argon (LAR).

We have pioneered the use of cryogenic containers for LNG transport over long distances to locations like Scandinavia, Balearics, Caribbean, South America and South Africa.

The trailers are suitable for LNG transport throughout Europe. By combining LNG trailer leasing with our extensive LNG experience, we support logistic companies with setting up their LNG transport operations.

LNG/ BIO-LNG supply

We supply LNG and bio-LNG to customers in Europe.

Barents Naturgass distributes LNG in Northern Scandinavia with industrial customers in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Moreover, the company is a leading supplier of LNG to the maritime sector. It operates several LNG bunker terminals.

LNG acquisitions and investments

Broadview aims to expand and strengthen its current position in gas technology and LNG distribution. For this purpose, we will pursue organic growth of existing businesses as well as new acquisitions and investments.