40' LNG ISO tank fleet

ISO containers for LNG mixed refrigerants

Hydrocarbons (HC) are natural compounds and highly efficient refrigerants, also considered today as an eco-friendly alternative for CFCs. LNG plant operators use this refrigerants that also have a low global warming potential (GWP) and are typically composed by ethane and ethylene. The mix of refrigerants depends mostly on the liquefying technology that, in addition, allows plants to produce up to 10 million tons of liquefied gas per year. At Broadview Energy Solutions we offer ISO containers lease and transport services for LNG refrigerants.

Refrigeration technologies

Here is an overview of the different liquefying processes which use different amounts of cooling agents.

C3MR, C3MR/SplitMR, DMR and AP-X

The processes designed by Air Products account for nearly 80% of existing plants. Their technology provides economic, efficient and reliable proven track record and is based on the use of different mixed HC LNG refrigerants, generally propane and ethane in equal amounts. The latest and future projects that include this technology are:

  • Recently operational Yamal LNG (Russia) and under construction Cameron LNG (Texas) chose AP-C3MR for their 31 Mtpa train capacities combined.
  • C3MR/SplitMR has been selected for Cove Point, Freeport, Gorgon, Ichthys and Tangguh LNG in Indonesia.
  • Qatari projects used the AP-X process for very large LNG facilities.

Optimized Cascade

The ConocoPhillips patented technology will also see a strong growth in the coming years. Unlike other processes, this one uses ethylene instead of ethane as an LNG refrigerant. Especially indicated for dry natural gas liquefaction, 8 trains with a capacity of 35,9 Mtpa combined were under construction as of January 2017.

Small scale LNG production

The growing trend for small-scale LNG projects is an opportunity for other providers to increase their market share like:

LNG refrigerants Container leasing

Every cooling process shares a common aspect which is the use of refrigerants such as ethane or ethylene. At BES we provide flexible solutions for your refrigeration needs. Whether you are running an LNG plant start up or need ancillary storage for coolant refill, we have the perfect solution for you.

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