Polarbase LNG station on the cover of Gas World magazine

published on: 20 March 2018

Gas World Magazine

Polarbase LNG bunkering station is the cover on the latest magazine issue by Gas World magazine (Issue 154 March 2018). This month’s journal explores trends in the cryogenic equipment and opportunities in Europe created by the LNG distribution business. As a matter of fact, BarentsNaturGass facility is an icon for the industry. In addition, sharing the front page in the media shows our commitment to lead the way providing cleaner energy solutions.

gas world magazine cover

Barents Naturgas bunkering station in Hammerfest, Norway

Largest Norwegian LNG bunker terminal

The recently inaugurated facility has a 1250 cubic metres (cbm) storage capacity, with maximum 90 tonne per hour transfer rate and 24/7 availability. As a consequence of the facility’s expansion, Barents naturgass can now bunker ships demanding 1000 cbm of LNG in one operation. With this intention, the Polarbase LNG station is the largest of its kind in Norway.

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