Cryogenic ISO tank rental

Ethane ISO container rental

Low prices in ethane and large scale supply to different parts of the world is stimulating alternative ethane end user applications. Moreover, at Broadview Energy Solutions we thrive in the cryogenic gases logistics and we provide ethane ISO container rental under the highest quality standards and strict health and safety values.

Ethane production and application

Ethane (C2H6) is primarily extracted from natural gas in cryogenic gas process plants. Particularly, in 2017, the global ethane production was 100 million tons.

In addition, nearly all of the ethane (99%) is used as feedstock to produce ethylene. Ethlyene is the most important component of the plastic we use every day.

However, niche applications of ethane are growing at a fast pace. Namely fuel, refrigerant and compound for enhanced oil recovery. Consequently, we see ethane ISO container rental an optimal solution for small scale cryogenic gas transport.

Ethane characteristics

At ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure, Ethane is a colorless, odorless gas. Moreover, it is flammable and explosive in gas and air mixtures of 3,0-12,5%. Hence, Ethane is classified as a dangerous good. In this case, the compound has UN hazard class 2.1 with identification number UN1035. At temperatures below −89 °C (−127 °F), Ethane becomes liquid.

Please refer to the material safety data sheet (MSDS) of Ethane for more details.

Ethane container transport

Our 40ft cryogenic tank containers are suitable for Ethane container transport.


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