Cryogenic ISO tank rental

Ethane ISO containers for the shipping industry

Ethane is becoming an important fuel in maritime transport. Increasing volumes of this gas have brought excitement and optimism in the shipping industry, where, operators and consultants are working in the design of more and newer carriers. These vessels are running on the boiled off gas which is very energetic and still improving the environmental performance compared to traditional fuels. At Broadview Energy Solutions we are proud to contribute to this thriving industry offering ethane ISO containers for power solutions or research and development tests.

Engine test with ethane containers

This competitive fuel is relatively new, therefore, testing and compliance approval is a normal procedure. In addition, suppliers play a critical role and here is where we excel as a flexible and reliable equipment provider.

For this reason our containers sailed across the world and took part in this exciting technology. Therefore, we keep looking forward to being involved in research and development of new technologies and contributing to improve our environment.

Three ethane ISO containers being filled from a VLEC

Ethane tank filling in Zeebrugge for Wärtsilä’s VLEC tests

VLECs fleet outlook

In 2014 the shale gas boom impulsed ethane trade and carriers construction. INEOS made the first move bringing ethane to Europe, Reliance Industries did so in India and Braskem to Brazil. Shipbuilders like Samsung in Korea, Dalian in China and several others built up to 27 VLECs in the last years. Today the industry is thriving again and we can expect the development of a whole new batch of carriers after new deals like Nanshan Group who will need up to 10 new vessels for their new petrochemical complex in China.

40ft Ethane ISO containers leasing

The global fleet of 40ft and 45ft cryogenic containers is still very small. Cryogenic Container Solutions B.V. holds one of the largest fleets of ethane ISO containers (UNT75) in Europe and even globally. Our equipment suppliers inculde Chart Industries, Cryovat and Gascon. Meaning our equipment is up to the highest standards in quality and safety.

Fore ethane supply and container leasing services don’t hesitate to ask our specialized team.

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