40' LNG ISO tank fleet

20ft LNG container leasing

Why we offer 20ft LNG container leasing services? LNG is gaining acceptance as an attractive alternative for oil-derivate fuels. It offers economical and environmental benefits. Hence, LNG infrastructure and supply has rapidly expanded over the last years making the commodity now readily available. The traditional small scale LNG distribution model relies on a combination of LNG import terminals, Break bulk shipping and road tankers.

Intermodal LNG transport

Cryogenic 40ft LNG container leasing offer an attractive addition to this traditional small scale LNG distribution model. Inter-modal transport of LNG fills a void between road transport and bulk shipment. Road transport is generally the most efficient solution to transport smaller volumes over distances less than about 1000 km. On the other hand, bulk shipment is attractive when transporting large volumes over distances more than 1000 km. Whereas the drawback of road transport is the limitation in distance, bulk shipment requires significant investments which often prohibit smaller to medium-sized projects. Hence, we strongly belief in the role of inter-modal transport of LNG.

40ft LNG container leasing

Although shipment of industrial cryogenic gasses like nitrogen (LIN), argon (LAR) and oxygen (LOX) is a well-established business, inter-modal transport of LNG is relatively new. Moreover, instead of the widely used 10ft, 20ft and 30ft cryogenic tank containers, LNG transport requires 40ft or 45ft containers to make it economically attractive. The global fleet of 40ft and 45ft cryogenic containers is still very small. Cryogenic Container Solutions B.V. holds one of the larger fleets of 40ft cryogenic containers (UNT75) in Europe and even globally. Our equipment suppliers inculde Chart Industries, Cryovat and Gascon. Cryogenic Container Solutions offers LNG container leasing services.

Other cryogenic gasses

Next to LNG (UN1972), our containers are also suitable for inter-modal transport and storage of other liquid cryogenic liquids like Nitrogen (UN1977), Ethylene (UN1038), Ethane (UN1961), Oxygen (UN1073) and Argon (UN1951). Cryogenic Container Solutions actively leases these containers to third parties.

More container leasing models

We offer a variety of container models like the 20ft LNG container,

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