LNG Bunkering Norway

Norwegian LNG bunkering market and infrastructure

  • Norway has been pioneering LNG as a marine fuel and currently still represents around 80% of the global LNG bunkering market with a fleet of xxx LNG fueled ships (GNL report of 2015)
  • This development has been the result of the so-called NOx fund that levied traditional fuels and provided support schemes for the development of LNG infrastructure
  • The current Norwegian LNG fleet consists of a mix of ferries, patrol ships, tug boats, oil and chemical tankers and Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs)
  • In parallel, a number of onshore LNG bunkering terminals has developed along the Norwegian coast

Hammerfest LNG terminal (Polarbase)

  • Since 2013, Barents Naturgass is offering bunkering services to its customers from it LNG bunkering station located at the Polarbase offshore supply base operated by the Norxxx Gruppen.
  • The LNG bunkering station at Polarbase has a 250 m3 storage tank and bunkers 1000 m3 per hour and is equipped with Mantek drybreak coupling
  • As of May 2017, the bunkering station will be expanded from 250 m3 to 1250 m3 to meet growing local bunkering demand
  • This new Polarbase LNG bunkering station of 1250 m3 will be the largest of its kind in Europe

LNG bunkering Barents Naturgass

  • Barents Naturgass AS is on of the leading LNG bunkering players in the Northern Norway with three shore based bunkering stations in operation located in Moskenes, Lodingen and Hammerfest.
  • Barents Naturgass also offers truck to ship bunkering services along the entire coastline of Northern Norway and along the Swedish and Finish coast lines of the Botnian gulf
  • Hammerfest is a hub for the offshore and fishing industry in Northern Norway and is strategically located for operations on the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea

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Broadview Energy Solutions B.V.

LNG distribution strategy

Broadview aims to expand and strengthen its current position in the small scale LNG (distribution) market through organic growth of the existing portfolio companies as well as through new acquisitions and investments.

Small scale LNG portfolio

Within the LNG market, Broadview is active through its participations in Aritas Cryogenics, Barents Naturgass, Cryogenic Container Solutions and DMT Environmental Technology. Key markets for distributed LNG are off-grid industry, remote power generation and marine fuel. Distribution is done by LNG trailers as well as by 40ft ISO containers.

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  • LNG distributor in Europe by road
  • Experience in industry, transport and marine
  • One-stop-shop including engineering, commodity and transport
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  • Solid group also offering financing solutions